The Anschluss of Austria
Repeated uprisings in Austria clearly show that the people there long to be united with our Reich. It is now time to take action and allow the will of the people to be made manifest.
Press Anschluss
A compromise
Return Hapsburg to the Crown
Entering the Rhineland
For years Germany has been denied entering their own backyard its time change that.
We can't risk angering the French
We must be able to walk into our own backyard
Stealing the Austrian gold
The Austrains have given us there land and also there vast supply of gold. With this amount of gold we must decide what to do with. There are a few options either we could use to continue the Mefo bills or we could use it to hire some mercenaries
Use the gold for the Mefo bills
Use the Gold to hire mercenaries
Incorporating Skoda
With Czechoslovakia being incorporated into the reich we now own the big company known as Skoda we must decide what to do with it.
Use it for making tanks
Use it for civilian uses
Use for making cars
Fate of the Athen shipyards
The Athen shipyards has been a important shipyard for hundreds of years and is now under our control we may now use it to attack many British targets or we could use it to make ships for us it is your choice.
Use it as a naval base
Use it as a ship building facility
The London conference
The Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye saw many historic Austrian territories passed out to successor states. With Austria once again united with the German nation it is time to end these injustices. The historic provinces of Carniola and Styria, which are now known as Slovenia, must be brought home.
Push our claims
Split it with the Italians
Set up a independent state
Forget Slovenia
Reform the Poland-Lithuania
For time and time again the Polish nation has asked Lithuania to recreate the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. We can help Poland are new Friend in doing this with some force on Lithuania.
Agree and push the demands on Lithuania
Poland-Lithuania reborn
Later yesterday news was announced that under German pressure the Lithuanian government had united with the Polish nation and had announced the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.
A interesting outcome
An insult to the Reich
The first Ljubljana award
The hypocritical western powers preached national self-determination while handing over many minorities to be ruled by the Serbs. We are in a position to right that historic wrong and make friends at the same time. For those who wish to side with us in the European order we can be very generous. But should we hand the territory Vojvodina over to Hungary.
Push the Hungarian claims on Yugoslavia
Force negotiation
This is of no interest of the Third Reich
Yugoslavia refuse Hungarian claims
Late in the afternoon Yugoslavia refused to give Hungary there requested territory of Vojvodina. Should we support our new ally but if we do this there may complaint from the western allies.
To war we will support our ally
Not yet but we will have our revenge
Create protectorate bohemia and moravia
We can't possibly control all of Czechoslovakia. It would be wise to set up a puppet government in the nation.
Agree to the terms
Danzig for Slovakia
The Germans have long had their eyes on Danzig, seeking to unite their territories in Ostpreussen with the rest of the German nation. Diplomats have warned that the day may come when they make us choose between Danzig or war. Surprisingly, we have been presented with what the Germans consider a more peaceful solution. They offer the newly created state of Slovakia, currently little more than a puppet state under German rule, to us in exchange for Danzig. What steps the Germans will take if we decline is unknown, but we have been given an opportunity to resolve this conflict with some territorial gains.
Pull through with the deal
Danzig or war
The Budapest conference
With the war in Europe progressing apace, it is time for the inevitable victor's to consider the future of Europe. We may propose to Italy and Vichy France a conference on the division of European territories after the war, to delineate our spheres of influence on the continent. Our "friends" in Italy and France have indicated that they would be interested in such a conference. No doubt, they will want some kind of reward for their sacrifices.
Then it shall go forward
Alliance with Spain
The nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war has paved the way for a closer relationship between our two countries. Franco holds the key to the Mediterranean.
Welcome brothers
There not worth it