Dead Of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Today the father of the turks is died. In 10 November 9-5 time. We will see who will win the new elections.
That Seems Bad
Gold Works In İzmir
What should we do about gold works in Izmir.
Work Work Work...
We don't need gold.
Declaring A Jihad
New Ottoman Empire declares Jihad against other countries. This will be threatened world.
Muslim Ideas!?
Demand Kuwait
We are going to take Kuwait again like the old times. Lets hope they will give it.
We need Kuwait
Turks Demanded Kuwait
Turks wanted to give them Kuwait. What should we do sir?
Give Them Kuwait
Give Them Kuwait and Cyprus
We are strong lets remove them.
Britain Rejects
Then it is war!
Britain Accepts And Send A Gift
Britain gives Kuwait and Cyprus to the New Ottoman Empire. Relations between Ottoman Empire and Britain is getting better.
Britain Accepts
Britain gives Kuwait to the New Ottoman Empire. Lets see what will happen next?
Sadabad Pact
The Middle East countries wanted to make a pact called Sadabad Pact in Iraq. Should we accept it sir?
Meet With Them
We don't care
Sadabad Allience
We press for the allience with Middle East countries. They hopefully accept it.
We are getting stronger
Leningrad Treaty
We make a treaty in the Leningrad with other socialist countries. We are going to help each other.
The Great News
Allience With Soviet Baltic Socialists
We are offering Soviet Balkan Socialist to join their allience. Lets hope that they accept.
Send Them
Turkish Offer
Turks wanted to join our allience. What should we do sir?
Accept It
Reject It
Turks Infulence Our Country
Turkey sends some diplomats to our country. These diplomats support communists in our country. Remove them or do nothing?
Remove Them
Keep Them