Republic of Lithuania
The Lithuanian situation is brittle. After the 1926 coup d'etat when the rightfully elected democratic government was ousted from power, President Smetona seized power and declared himself Leader of the State. However, the once sympathetic army officials are now starting to voice dissent, and are perhaps plotting to seize control of the country once again, after the failed attempt in 1934. At the same time, the country is suffering from influence from both the Soviet Union and the German Reich, the relations with the latter being extremely sour. Talks with Poland over the Vilnius issue are progressing nowhere, with Lithuania being powerless against the much larger Polish nation. The industrial base of the country is no better; being one of the leaders in food product exports in Europe, but severely lacking in industry. If Lithuania is truly to become great, it has a lot of hardships to overcome.
Lietuva, tėvyne mūsų!
Lithuania asks for Help
The Lithuanian state is starting to see a rapid shift towards communism, and is asking for materiel support. Should we support them, we could gain an ally we could use against the Germans and support uprisings in the remaining Baltic countries. Should we help them?
Send guns and political advisors
Send guns only
The Bear does not care for mice
Lithuania seeks Protection
The communist state of Lithuania is asking for a guarantee of independence from the Soviet Union. In return, they would guarantee ours. While it is a given that such a tiny state could resist an attack from Germany or Poland, we could gain an ally we could exploit. What shall we do?
Lithuania will be protected
We have other plans for you
Soviet Union agrees to the Pact
A diplomatic envoy has returned from the Soviet Union. They have agreed to the Pact, and our independence is guaranteed.
We grow stronger together
Soviet Union disagrees with the Pact
A diplomatic envoy has returned from the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, they have refused to guarantee our independence.
It is their choice
Soviet Union sends Weapons and Advisors
The Soviet Union has agreed to send us equipment and political advisors to further the Communist agenda in our country.
Great news!
Soviet Union sends Weapons
The Soviet Union has agreed to send us a shipment of military materiel, however, they have refused to send a political envoy to further the efforts of Communism.
These will be useful
Soviet Union has ignored our request
Several days have passed and we have received no response from the Soviet Union. It seems like they have decided not to help.
Communist Uprising
Communist cells all over the country have taken up arms, and are trying to depose our government. The military has intervened and is trying to restore order. As of right now, our country is in a civil war.
Damn infiltrators!
Uprisings Succeeded
Communist uprisings in Latvia and Estonia have succeeded, and we are now ready to consolidate our holdings.
The Communist realm grows stronger
Ostpreussen is Ours
Local communist groups in Ostpreussen have successfully managed to take over the local Parliament. They have seceded from the German Reich, and voted to join the Lithuanian People's Republic.
The Communist realm grows stronger
Uprisings Failed
The recent communist uprisings have failed. Order has been restored in Latvia and Estonia, and all communist cells have been neutralized. It seems that Lithuania will have to take on the initiative and spread Communism to the whole Baltic.
War it is, then!
Ostpreussen Uprising Shutdown
The German military quickly intervened in the Ostpreussen crisis, and swiftly shut down the revolutionaries. Ostpreussen remains German.
We will bide our time.
Lithuania seeks to join the Comintern
The Lithuanian People's Republic has made a formal request to join the Comintern. Seeing that our regimes are mostly aligned, we could use this opportunity to gain an ally in the Baltic.
We will gladly accept
We have other plans for you
Soviet Union Accepts
The Soviet Union has accepted our request to join the Comintern.
Together we are stronger
Soviet Union Denies our Request
The Soviet Union has officially denied our request to join the Comintern.
Perhaps we share a different vision
The Litbel Proposal
The People's Republic of Lithuania has made a proposal: the restoration of the failed Litbel state; a union of Lithuania and Belarus. Belarus is a part of the Soviet Union, however, and giving away territory like that may prove problematic. What shall we do?
Hand over the territory, but fill the Republic with Russian officials
Hand over the territory
Refuse the deal outright
Soviet Union has denied our request
The Soviet Union has sent an official message, stating that the Litbel project will not even be considered. Despite the fact that the People's Republic of Lithuania is a close ally, the Soviet Union refuses to yield a single bit of territory.
It was worth a try
Soviet Union Accepts
The Soviet Union has accepted our request. All disputed states are now under Lithuanian jurisdiction.
Great news!
Soviet Union Accepts
The Soviet Union has accepted our proposal. However, they have requested that the cabinet be replaced with politicians loyal to the Soviet Union, essentially turning Lithuania into a puppet state of the Soviet Union.
A small price to pay for glory
Birth of the Baltic Union
On this day, the People's Republic of Lithuania has reformed into the state now known as the Baltic Union of People's Republics. Citing extensive military conquest as the primary cause of this achievement, the country seeks to further spread Communism in Europe, close to its ally, the Soviet Union.
A testament to the glory of Communism!
Eastern Europe has a new powerhouse.
Invitation to the Baltic Union
Lithuania has invited us to join their defensive alliance, called the Baltic Union. What shall we do?
We will fight together!
Foreign matters do not interest us