Poland Proposes Reunification
After 123 years of occupation the Polish and Lithuanian states have become free. Poland wants to reunify once again to restore our former glory.
Reunify with Poland
Make a treaty with Poland
Arms Sale
We need to choose a country to buy infantry equipment from.
United Kingdom
United States
A Union With Poland
Since a Habsburg now is in control of the Polish throne, it would only be natural for us to join their union.
A great decision!
Giving up our sovereignty? Never!
Austria Refuses Unification
The Austrian government has refused the Polish proposal for reunification. The Polish monarch, Otto von Habsburg is greatly enraged.
Austria Unifies With Poland!
Otto von Habsburg sent a proposal to the Austrian head of state regrarding unification. The Austrian government agreed to this proposal. Both countries now celebrate the birth of a new union.
Three hurrahs for Poland!