Germany Demands Sudetenland
Hitler has demanded that Czechoslovakia gives him Sudetenland, a region that has many Germans living in its boundaries. We have been chosen to mediate the problem and must choose to side with Germany or Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia will retain their ownership of the region.
The region is German, indeed.
Invited to the Allies!
The United Kingdom and its dominions, weary of an expanding Axis, have been seeking to find new members. You happen to be on their list, do you want to join the Allies?
Of course, we will!
We will stay out of this.
Hitler Assassinated!
The German government has announced that late last night, an unknown individual entered the Reichskanzlei building in Berlin, and murdered the German Führer, Adolf Hitler. Following an emergency session, it has been decided that a provisional government will be formed by the NSDAP and their coalition partners in the Reichstag, until a new Führer can be decided upon. Heinrich Himmler, leader of the Waffen-SS, Germany's special forces, has expressed his belief that the Führer's assassin was a member of the militant 'Red Front' retaliating against the recent official ban on Communism, but the provisional government has yet to openly endorse this perspective.
The beginning of the end for the NSDAP, or the start of something much worse?
Hitler Exiled!
During one of German dictator Adolf Hitler's speeches in the Reichstag, a group of military officers, led by General Erwin Rommel, stormed the building with the aid of the men of the newly-formed Freikorps battalions. Hitler, along with several other now-former German government officials- most notably Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Göring- were arrested and sentenced to be exiled from Germany. A military junta under Rommel's leadership has taken control, and formed a provisional government. The head of the Waffen-SS- Germany's special forces-, Heinrich Himmler, has seemingly disappeared. The German provisional government has declared Himmler to be a traitor and a fugitive, and are offering a substantial reward for information regarding his whereabouts.
A second chance for Germany?
Germans press for Anschluss
The Anschluss is the union between Germany and Austria that has been long-awaited since the end of the Great War. An ethnic union between all Germans has been a long-term ambition in Hitler's regime and the Anschluss is to be put into effect.
The first step in united Germans!
We aren't to succumb to those scum!
Anschluss unfolds!
The Austrian government stated that it was to perform the Anschluss with the Germans. The German state now has control over Austria. Some journalists and writers are worried and think that a major war may start very soon.
It is German.
Stand Against the Comintern
With the Great Purge, Stalin and his communism have shown a big signal of worry. The Soviets are a force in the world and are not afraid to shove power and dominance in everyone's face. Because of this, Hitler has established a new pact against communists. Will you join?
Death to Russia!
Not now.
Remilitarization of the Rhineland
The Rhineland has been remilitarized, what with the Germans sending a few divisions westward into the area. The French have only made a minor objection but did not send any divisions to reinforce the treaty.
We shall issue an objection as well.
Remilitarization of the Rhineland
The Rhineland has been remilitarized, what with the Germans sending a few divisions westward into the area. The French government is furious and has lined up their border with Germany, ready for war.
We shall stand by the French!
A war would not be necessary.
Remilitarization of the Rhineland
The Rhineland has been remilitarized, what with the Germans sending a few divisions westward into the area. If we don't condemn this, we will not be enforcing the Treaty of Versailles.
Nothing to worry about just yet.
This is a violation! Rally the British to our side!
Germany Demands Slovenia
Germany has laid a claim to the territory of Slovenia and it's only getting bloodier from here. They demand that they hand all sovereignty of it to us. We must either stand up to them or hopelessly cede it over. What do we do?
We stand no chance against the German beast.
The Zaolzie Question
Poland has continuously shown a sign of interest in the territory of Zaolzie. Now as we carve up Czechoslovakia, we must choose whether or not to give the territory to Poland.
Give it to Poland.
Hold onto it ourselves.
The Carpathian Question
Hungary has continuously shown a sign of interest in the territory of the Carpathian Ruthenia. Now as we carve up Czechoslovakia, we must choose whether or not to give the territory to Hungary.
Slovakia will keep it.
Give it to Hungary.
In fact, let Hungary have all of Slovakia!
Yugoslavian Question
Yugoslavia has been a thorn in our feet but now, w're going to take it out. But we have to draw the lines somewhere and now, we have to assert our control in one way or the other.
Annex the whole area.
Annex Serbia, puppet the rest.
Establish two puppets.
Italy Wants To Buy Puerto Rico
An Italian interest in the New World has never been gone. Now, it seems that Mussolini is seeking to expand his empire to the Caribbean and bargain Puerto Rico from us. We must try to find a way to establish an agreement with the Italians
It's better to stay out of conflict.
We're not to just let those punks take it!
Membership of the Novus Imperium Romanum
The new Italian faction has been a lurking underground force in Europe. We have been invited to help and pursue the Roman goals. We should try to capitalize on this offer.
We shall take the chance!
Who in the right mind would?!
A Night To Change The World
It was a stormy night in Berlin. Hitler could hardly hear himself think as the rain pounded against the glass off his office windows. Still, he carried on. Someone had to approve all of these requests from Himmler. Come to think of it, Himmler had been making a lot of requests recently, and of increasingly obscure materials. It was suspicious, but he knew better than to question the man who had helped finally root out the Communists from Germany. There was a banging at the door as he tried to refocus on his work. "Come in!" he shouted. He may have been busy, but he knew that no-one would come knocking on his door at this time of night- and so loudly, too- if it weren't important. It was a man in a trench-coat and fedora who opened the door. Hitler couldn't make out his face, but he felt a sense of dread overcome the room. Before Hitler could ask who he was and what he wanted, the man ripped an MP18 from his coat and opened fire.
He barely heard the first shot, nevermind the next thirty-one.
The Battle of Leoplodplatz
The Abwehr managed to locate Thälmann, yes, but they underestimated him and the RFB. Abwehr agents tracked him to Leopoldplatz, in the Wedding district of Berlin- an area notorious for it's sympathies to Communism prior to the NSDAP's rise to power. Within minutes of their arrival, the Abwehr agents were ambushed by RFB militants, leading to two of them being killed while the other 2 went for cover. The Freikorps were quick to respond, and now a battle has broken out at Leopoldplatz!
Rush the Building!
Starve Them Out!
Ernst Thälmann Captured
The Abwehr agents have successfully captured Ernst Thälmann! Their hunch that he was hiding in the red-aligned Wedding district of Berlin was correct, and they caught him and his closest conspirators in the famous Leopoldplatz building, no doubt plotting another terror attack. Thälmann is now in custody, and now the only question is what exactly we will do with him.
Send Him To The Arbeitslager Dachau!
Kill Him!
Red Terror Sweeps Germany
Following our invasion of the Soviet filth, the KPD- a Communist political party we thought had been dealt with, or at least reduced to the point of insignificance, has resurfaced. Now calling themselves the 'Rotfrontkämpferbund', they have called for an uprising against the Reich, and are working with Soviet resistance cells in occupied Russia, as well as possibly hidden resistance groups in the Reich itself! They have begun a campaign of intimidation and murder, which several prominent newspapers have referred to as the 'Red Terror'.
We Must Stop Them!