Poland Distances Itself From The Soviets
The nation of Poland after the Soviet occupation remained a part of the comintern, but now they seek to distance themselves from the growing soviet yoke, But will their efforts be successful?
Great News For Us And Europe!
It seems that the Communist yoke may be falling after all
Channel Crisis
Recently a French Naval Vessel Attack Group blocked a British Port. They refuse to communicate. At the same time reports are being received that the French are massing near the Channel Islands with Military Personnel. What will come next is uncertain
100 Years War: The last phase.
The French Have parachuted onto the Channel Islands. British Anti-Air tries to retaliate. French planes come from above. Bombarding the little amount of Forts scattered around the Islands. A key fort is stormed. But the British hold their ground. These would be the heroes of the Last Phase. Of the Hundred - Now thousand year war.
It has begun
The Last Choice
We must mobilise our fleet. We must protect the British people inside our borders!
To war!
Surrender The Islands
Voices From Within
Our Counterespionage units have reported the French impacting a syndicalist revolution in this country's leading officials and workers' unions. We must act fast!
Martial Law! Our Last Hope!
Let it be.