Red Monday
This past Monday, a riot "spontaneously" erupted from citizens who claimed they were "discontent with the ruling form of government". What set this riot apart from a typical disturbance was the size and, more importantly, the timing. It was just after 5pm when it started, which just so happened to be when many prominent city and government officials were exiting City Hall. Caught in the crossfire, there is still no confirmed total of casualties, however the death toll is quickly approaching triple digits. The size, speed, and organization of such a riot leaves little question as to who was behind it: Comrade Hitler!
Send in the Army!
Justice for Red Monday
As the aftermath of Red Monday is slowly uncovered, the death toll is confirmed at 138 city and government officials alone, the civilian casualties being significantly higher. The only good news was that the quick response from our military ensured the capture of the ringleaders of the riot, who unsurprisingly have all denied any affiliation with Prussia...except one--Franz Krüger! He has admitted to the entire riot being set up and funded by none other than Comrade Hitler himself! Although the word of one treasonous rioter is not enough justification for war with Prussia, it will more than suffice for executing the ringleaders. The only question remains, what to do with Krüger?
Hang him with the others, he deserves no better!
Perhaps he could be of use to us...
Prussia Renounces the Treaty of Magdeburg
Earlier today, Comrade Hitler denounced the "unchecked expansion of fascism polluting Germany", calling for the end of the Treaty of Magdeburg. It seems that the West's response has been rather mute--which will likely only encourage bolder actions from our Communist neighbor.
Well if HE won't abide by the treaty, then neither shall we.
Holstein Offers Protection for Oil
Holstein is clearly gearing up for war, otherwise they wouldn't be offering us protection in exchange for top dibs on our precious oil resources. Nevertheless, the Soviets to the east are also thirsty for our oil. The question remains, however, is Holstein strong enough to protect us?
Some protection is better than no protection...
We're better off not angering the Soviets...
Holstein Offers an Alliance
We have received an interesting offer from our fascist brethern, Holstein, to the North. They offer us an alliance, and although they probably just want our help to reclaim their lost German territories, if we help them they could in turn assist us in conquering the Mediterranean by keeping the British and French occupied...
Better off with Stigler than that crazy "Hitler" guy...
They'll only drag our glorious nation down...
Italy Rejects our Offer!
Benito Mussolini has surprisingly rejected our proposal to join our glorious Axis of the Right! His insolence and complete lack of faith in our abilities--moreover, in Germany itself--is reprehensible! Once we've unified Germany we'll have to show him the error of his ways...
Was für eine Ladung Mist!
Romania Declines our Offer of Protection!
Either we have yet to make a big enough impact on Europe, or else the leadership of Romania is just a bunch of spineless toads! Regardless, we won't be receiving the much needed Romanian oil through diplomatic means...
Pathetic Wretches!
Romania Accepts our Offer of Protection!
We have convinced Romania that we are capable of defending them, and consequently we also now have highest priority to their bountiful oil fields. This will surely bolster our war machine!
Excellent news!
Italy Joins Us!
Benito Mussolini has wisely decided to join and support us in our crusade to reunite Germany under our rule! Although Italy will certainly expect our support in return, for now at least we have one less nation opposing us.
We are stronger together!
Italy Joins the "Axis of the Right"
Today Italy declared it's complete support for Holstein, officially joining the "Axis of the Right". A new fascist alliance has risen in Europe...
Holstein Pressures Us to Join Them
It is true that there are still many in our government who doubt Holstein's ability to protect us from the Soviet menace--and rightly so--however, with Italy throwing their lot in with Holstein, their demand for us to join the "Axis of the Right" doesn't seem as far fetched as it would have otherwise. Shall we bind our fate to theirs?
Together, we shall rid Europe of the Communist menace!
Romania is the master of her own destiny!
Romania Joins Us!
Romania has decided to throw her lot in with us, and our alliance continues to grow! So long as the Soviets don't try to interfere with our Balkan interests, Romania could be a very useful ally!
The "Axis of the Right" is clearly destined for greatness!
Romania Joins the "Axis of the Right"
In an interesting move, Romania has now officially declared her allegiance to the "Axis of the Right", binding her fate to the upstart Fascist alliance. Time will tell if they all survive...
What will this mean for the supply of oil in Europe?
Romania Refuses to Ally with Us!
Shockingly, our trade partner Romania has refused to join the Axis of the Right, citing that, "Romania is the master of her own fate". This independent attitude could seriously threaten our supply of oil from them, or, worse still, invite foreign powers to steal her rich oil resources. Should we consider invading Romania to safeguard our assets?
How dare they defy us!
It's too risky, we should consider finding alternate sources of oil.
Holstein Offers an Alliance
Holstein diplomats have approached us today with the proposal to join the "Axis of the Right". We share similar mindsets, goals, enemies, and even allies; this alliance could be extremely beneficial to our European endeavors. Due to our close proximity, refusing could also be viewed as declaring ourselves their rival...
We'd be a fool to say no!
Actually...we are "Hungry" for their land too ;P (sorry, the modder had to do that)
Hungary Joins the "Axis of the Right"
The "Axis of the Right" continues to expand, with Hungary being officially welcomed into the faction. With so many nations who suffered greatly during the first world war now allied to each other, experts are greatly worried over the future of Europe.
Someone should do something about this!
Hungary Joins Us!
Hungary has accepted our offer to join the "Axis of the Right". With our combined might, we shall continue to expand our influence across Europe!
They are wise to ally with us.
Hungary Refuses to Ally with Us!
For reasons completely unknown to us, Hungary has rejected our most gracious offer to include them in our glorious rise to power. Apparently they'd rather be 1st in a Hunnic village rather than 2nd in Europe...
Have they lost all reason?