The First Indian Elections
Now that India is a democracy, we can fully establish fair elections. Our first ones have just been held, and the results are...
The Conservatives Win
The Liberals Win
India Acheives Independence!
As the last British forces flee from the Indian subcontinent, the so called Free Republic of India has achieved hegemony over once was Britain's "Jewel of the Empire". While many speculate to what's in store for the future of India, it is a huge blow to the British Empire.
They have done the Impossible
India wants to join the CPTO!
India has requested that they be able to join the CPTO!
Of course!
We can't commit at this time
The US refuses
The United States has said they can't commit at this time.
China Seizes Burma!
With the Chaos ongoing in India, China has taken the opportunity to seize Burma from our forces. How shall we respond?
Deal with them later!
Demand its return!
Britain Demands the Return of Burma!
Despite our hopes, Britain has demanded the return of Burma to their hold.
Submit. We don't want to start a war
No! If they want it back, come and fight
China Refuses
China has refused to give up Burma!
We don't want to start a war.
Ready the Troops
The Burma Situation
Now that the war in India is finally over, we can start to think about Burma again.
Its Burma. Nothing to fuss over
Demand Burma's Return
China asks for a free hand at Mongolia!
In a secret message China has asked for a "free hand" to invade Mongolia.
If it makes China happy
Nonsense. All nations shall be free
The US refuses
The United States has refused our request, saying that "all nations shall be free"
Damn them!
The US accepts
The United States says they will allow us to *intervene* in Mongolia
China's Offer
China has offered us a deal: become a puppet of them and in exchange they will make sure we aren't invaded by a rival warlord. Shall we accept?
A New Puppet
One of our offers has been accepted.
Our Sphere Grows
Due to increased Chinese Influence, a Rebellion has begun in our territories!
Uh Oh
A Military Purge?
Among the halls of our capital, a question has come about. Should we start a military purge? While it would help stabilize our regime further it could be a detriment to our operations overseas.
The Military is Fine
A Purge is Needed
Chiang is Dead!
On the steps of the senate, a gunshot rang out and President Chiang was killed! Already different factions are vying for power.
The Nation Mourns
Chiang Kai Shek Assassinated
Surprising News has come from China, as pro-american president and dictator Chiang Kai Shek has been killed! While fellow military man Li Zongren has taken over the government, the instability caused by the assassination may be the opportunity rebels have been waiting for to overthrow the government.
Time will Tell what will happen
The Indonesian Rebellion
Indochina, united as one, has finally risen up against the European Oppressors!
Break the Chains!
Oppoition Takes Control in China
In a shocking twist of events, the various opposition groups in China have united together, and using both protests and sympathetic officials, they have seized full control over China! The coalition of Democrats and Communists may not last long now due to their common enemy being removed, but only time will tell what will happen.
The World keeps changing...
The Trying of Government Officals
As a new day for democracy dawns on China, the question has come up as how to deal with officials from the old administration. Trials have already begun, but how far shall the prosecution go?
Only those who worked directly with Chiang shall be punished
Everyone who had a role for carrying out major crimes shall be punished
Any remanant of the old regime must be destoryed! Enact a mass purge.
Chinese Elections
Now that true democracy has triumphed in China, we can now decide how our economy shall be run through new elections.
A Conservative Economy
A Liberal Economy
The Fate of the Tsardom
The Tsardom of Russia lies just West of our borders. While we could conquer them like we have with the other false nations, we actually share many beliefs. What is to be done with them?
They are a false state supported by the Britsih. To war
Offer them a secret deal
Message from the IRS
The Imperial Russian State has sent us a secret message. To unite all of Russia under their banner. While we share much in beliefs, and Russia promises to keep the Tsar as the head of state, it will most certainly draw the wrath of Britain.
The Tsardom Accepts!
The Tsardom of Russia has accepted our proposal!
Russia is one
The Tsardom Declines
The Tsardom of Russia has refused to unite with us!
There is no reasoning with them! To War!
The Unification of Russia
In a shocking turn of events, the Tsardom of Russia has agreed to unify with the Imperial Russian State! The two states have found common ground and have agreed to unite under a monarchist and reactionary regime. Already the new Russia has begun to distance itself from Britain, much to the latter rage.
London isn't gonna be happy...
Betrayal in Russia!
Has the newspapers have pointed out, the Tsardom of Russia has betrayed us to the Imperial Russian State. How shall we respond?
We won't stand for this!
We don't want another world war...
The New Russia Speech
In a speech before an adoring crowd, president Konstantin Rodzaevsky has promised to bring Russia into a new age of glory, by expanding the influence of Russia all over Eurasia!
Three Cheers for Rodzaevsky!
A Quiet Day
As morning breaks again in the far east, there is something diffrent. There is no rioting. There are no screams or protests. There isn't even extra police patrolling. Its just people going around their daily lives and living normally. The turmoil has ended.
We shall face challenges in the futrue, but for today we may rest easy
A Meeting with Russia
In a secret meeting, Russia has meet with our top leaders. They are offering to peacefully unify us into themselves, with no trials for anyone who betrayed their government for us.
We agree
We do not
Novosibirsk Declines
Novosibirsk has Declined our request!
We gave them a chance!
Tyumen Declines
Tyumen has declined our request.
We gave them a chance!
The Urals Declines!
The Urals have declined our request.
We gave them a chance!
Settling with Kazakhstan
What shall be the fate of Kazakhstan? Their culture is notably separate from Russia, and they arn't the most valuable. But we still want them to be part of the new Russian system...
Offer them the same deal
Offer them autonomy instead
The Russians offer Autonomy for protection!
The Expanding Russian republic, who has annexed many local warlords and minor states, has approached us with a diffrent deal. Have us become part of their sphere, and they will protect us. While it would be nice to make sure we can't be run over by the British, it would mean sacrificing our independent diplomatic ventures. But if we say no, they might not take it lightly...
If it means we'll be safe...
Kazakhstan is independent
Kazakhstan Declines Autonomy
Kazakhstan has declined our request.
We'll Infocre our Authority!
Then Russia shall be one!
Let them be...
Kazakhstan Declines Unity
Kazakhstan has declined our offer!
We gave them a chance!
Offer autonomy instead
Settling with the Soviets
The Soviet Union stands just to the west. While we definitely have our differences, we both have a hatred of the Tsardom of Russia. What shall we do with them?
Ask them to agree to a non-agression pact
There is no reasoning with them. War.
A propsal from the Russian Republic
With the Russian Republic expanding rapidly, we now share a common border. Now they approach us with an offer: sign a non aggression pact, so we both can focus more on containing the threat of Britain.
A United Front against Reaction!
We don't compromise with Capitalists
The Soviets Accept!
The soviets accept our proposal for a non-aggression pact.
There will be no war between our two countries
The Soviets Refuse!
Despite our generous offer, the Soviets have refused to cooperate!
We've tried Reason, now we'll try force!
Let them die in the Caucasus if they want to
Speak on the Tsardom
Now that we share borders with the Tsardom of Russia, we need to speak on how we want our relationship to move forward. What should we say?
Say that we hope for peace and stability!
Denounce them as a false state!
The Many Russias Announcement
In a speech before the Russian Senate that was also transmitted on Radio, the president of the Russian Republic has officially announced that it has given up all claims on Russian lands held by warlords! He instead wishes to pursue a policy of forging new alliances with the many nations of Russia.
Perhaps there will be peace in Russia
Russia offers an alliance
It seems that with Russia adopting its new many Russia's project, they want to invite us into the CPTO!
event trigger for ENG-UKR
don't play buthan
k sorry
The British Invasion of Ukrane
While only last year Ukraine experienced a coup against the Pro-British government, it seems that the British were not going to let one of their puppets leave easily. Today, British and Russian divisions crossed the Ukrainian border in order to "restore the legitimate government". While resistance leader Nikita Khrushchev has pledged to fight off the British invaders, there is little the small nation can do against the superpower that is Britain.
You can't say the Ukrainians aren’t brave...
The Police deal with Riots
With many people staging protests against the continued war in India, we have had to respond. today, police stormed gathering protesters and forced them to dispersed. Those who resisted were shot with rubber bullets and exposed to tear gas. By the end of the day, the police had forced all resistance to disperse.
Churchill makes concessions.
In a recent speech to the House of Commons, Churchill has proclaimed a new policy with the war in India. The policy directs new funds to improve conditions for soldiers, and also lessening the mass conscription that is in India
Who says Britain isn't a democracy?
Britain Rallys the Commonwealth
As the war in India continues to be raged, British officials has decided to make various visits to the various commonwealth realms to make sure they stay in the fight against India. We have little choice but to cooperate, which includes increasing propaganda and even conscription.
Loyal to the Crown, I suppose
Britain invokes the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance!
There has been a long standing alliance between the British and Portuguese that has never been officially invoked since world war 1. But now Britain are playing their cards and demanding we join the London Agreement!
What choice do we have?
They aren't our masters!
Portugal Accepts
Portugal has seen reason and has agreed to join the London Agreement
Europe Stands United
Pro-British Coup
A pro british coup! you shouldn't play as Portugal
The coup succeeds!
The situation divovles into Civil War!
The coup fails!
The Coup Succeds
Our coup has succeeded in Portugal!
The Portugesse Civil War
In just the past few days, conservative generals attempted to overthrow the government of Portugal, which is known for being one of the few nations in Europe not to align with Britain. While the coup at first appeared to have succeed, government officials were able to escape and the situation has devolved into civil war. Its already reported that London Agreement and CPTO supplied weapons and men are being flooded into the country.
Another battleground between the powers...
The Coup Fails
In an unfortunate turn of events, Portugal's government has resisted our coup and arrested the plotters!
Britain Sends Support
Britain has sent support to help aid our legitimate government!
God Save the King!
Augusto Pinochet's coup
With the recent increasing influence Britain has had over our nation, what many expected to come has finally arrived. General Augusto Pinochet has staged a coup against the democratic government, to a surprising amount of peoples support.
Hail to Pinochet!
Augusto Pinochet's coup
In the chaotic streets of Santiago, Chilean General Augusto Pinochet has staged a coup against the democratic government and established a conservative and reactionary military dictatorship. Despite having no legal backing, the general has has surprising amounts of backing from the Chilean populous, who have been increasingly viewing the USA and the former government it backed as being to Pro-Argentina.
America's sphere is starting to show cracks...
Blood in the Streets
For a long time, there has been unrest in Ireland. Ever since our nation distanced itself from the IRA after mounting British pressure, there has been unrest. Peaceful demonstrations are turning into riots. There is blood in the streets. The police are barely holding back absolute chaos. We need to take decisive action now if we wish to end this.
Crack down violently on the protesters
Send a minimum amount of force to control the most violent groups
The IRA joins the riots
With the our crackdown on the protests, the IRA has officially joined the protesters. The combined might of the protesters and the radical IRA has stormed the capital and overthrown the government!
The IRA is invincible!
The Northern Raids
With the recent takeover of the government by the IRA, it should have been expected that Britain respond. But not on this scale. This morning, British special forces crossed the Northern Border and seized some border towns. Our military is still trying to respond. What is going to happen?
The British are unable to fully secure the towns and are forced to retreat!
The British secure the towns and start flooding into the countryside!
Failure of the Raids
Despite our troops most valiant effort, the Irish were able to fight off the raids. Ireland is only going to get angrier from here.
Someone is getting fired
The British Counter Coup
In just a few short days, the British have flooded into Ireland after the IRA's coup. The British have reinstated the old labor government, now as a puppet to the British.
Liberty slips away...
Missiles found in Ireland!
While on a regularly scheduled mission, one of our spy jets found a grave threat. Several missile sites are currently being set up by the Irish. These missiles currently pose a massive threat to our security, and considering Ireland's current state, are only there because they were supplied by America. What should we do to combat this new threat?
Unacceptable. War Immediately.
Demand the Irish remove the Missiles!
Make this Information known to the world immediately!
Britain sends an Ultimatum
Britain has become aware of the missile construction taking place and demands we stop all nuclear activity!
Back Down
Ask the Americans for help
Take down the missiles... but in exchange demand Northern Ireland
A Proposal from the Irish
After the chaos in Ireland, the radically anti-British IRA have come to power. Now their government has sent us a message. They wish to be supplied with Nuclear Weapons to act as a deterrent. While it may be good to give us an edge against Britain so close to their home, it could also cause a major crisis if the British find out. What shall we do?
Accept their Offer
We can't risk something like that!
The Irish Crises
Ireland has updated us on the situation developing across the pond. Britain has become aware of the missiles being constructed in Ireland and are demanding Ireland remove the Missiles. The Irish have gone to us for advice.
Tell them to obey Britain
We'll stand by Ireland
*scoff* I don't see any missiles *wink*
America pretends there are no missiles.
The United States is telling us that they are pretending the missiles don't exist, and are advising us to do the same.
Whatever they say...
America and Ireland refuse to acknowledge the Missiles existence
America and Ireland have both sent us messages that no missiles are in Ireland and refuse to acknowledge our evidence. They leave us no choice but to go fully public with our information.
Inform the Press
Missiles in Ireland
In a recent reveal of information, the United Kingdom claimed the Ireland, supplied by the United States, had set up several missile sites in its borders. The Press followed up these claims with photographs showing the sites, which experts worldwide have deemed legitimate. With a new crises unraveling, few know what will come next.
Troubling, to say the least
The Irish Counterproposal
As the situation grows more and more tense, Ireland has sent us a new message... that they will take down the Missile Sites, but only if we agree to cede Northern Ireland to them.
If it gets the missiles out, fine
No deal
Britain Refuses our Deal
Britain has made it clear to us that they will only accept the missiles being fully removed.
Appeal to the United States
We tried our best, but we must remove the missiles
Ireland Agrees to Remove the Missiles
Ireland has caved in to our demands and has agreed to remove the Missiles.
America stands behind Ireland
America has stated that they stand behind Ireland and will make sure that the missiles stay there. By now, all this information has leaked to the press, but in the meantime what should be our course of action?
If it is a war they want, it is a war they will get!
As painful as it may be, we must back down
Re-offer Northern Ireland for missile removal
Tell the US we will take down our sites in the Bahamas in exchange for them dropping support of Ireland.
Britain Backs Down
After days of intense negotiation, Britain has finally given up and will allow us to keep the missiles.
Britain offers a New Deal
Now that Britain knows America will support is in our mission, Britain is offering us a new deal. We shall remove the missiles, and in exchange we shall get control of Northern Ireland.
Reunification? Take the deal immediately
The Missiles will stay
Ireland Agrees to the Deal
It seems that Ireland couldn't resist the thought of full unification of the Island, and has quickly accepted our offer.
At least the Missiles are gone...
End of the Irish Crises
For days Britain has been in turmoil after it was revealed that, with American support, Ireland had set up several missile sites. But it seems the possibility of a war has come to and end. In a recently announced deal, the United Kingdom has agreed to concede Northern Ireland to the Irish in exchange for full removal of the missiles. While some are left unhappy on both sides, the deal has gone through.
The world sees another day...
America stands behind us
America has made it clear to everyone in a recent statement that Ireland {Has every right to defend itself as a sovereign nation}.
We stand together
America tells us to follow Britain's advice
America has come to us not with support, but demanding that we stop the missile construction immediately! Without American support, we have no choice but to stop.
Damn the Yankee Traitors!
Ireland backs down
It seems that when America realized we were aware of the sites, they quickly backed down and forced Ireland to follow suit. A crises has been avoided.
And we can sweep this under the rug!
Britain Agrees to the Proposal!
Britain has, perhaps unexpectedly, agreed to our proposal and Northern Ireland has been transferred over to our control as Missile deconstruction begins.
We'll take it
Ireland Refuses!
In an extremely unexpected move, Ireland has refused our generous offer. It seems the Irish have let pride get in their way. What shall we do now?
Offer the US the Caribbean deal
If it war they want, it is war they will get
Britain offers a Deal
Approaching us directly, Britain has proposed to us a new deal: they will take down their own missile sites in the Bahamas if we drop all support of Ireland. While tantalizing, should we accept?
Yes, the Irish can figure out their own problems
We stand with our Allies!
End of the Irish Crises
For days Britain has been in turmoil after it was revealed that, with American support, Ireland had set up several missile sites. But it seems the possibility of a war has come to an end. Britain has found itself unable to negotiate with the Americans and Irish, and while also not wanting to start a World War, have backed down and allowed the the missiles to stay in Ireland. Despite the peaceful end to crises, Britain's apparent standing down has caused major embarrassment internationally.
A major defeat on the UKs part
America Accepts
America has agreed to our proposal. The Missiles will be removed from Ireland, and the Bahamas will be demilitarized for now.
Victory enough for now
The Americans betray us!
Grim news has come. The Americans have reached a separate deal with the British without us and are now removing the missiles from Ireland!
Damn the Yankee Traitors!
End of the Irish Crises
For days Britain and the world has been in turmoil after it was revealed that, with American support, Ireland had set up several missile sites. But it seems the possibility of a war has come to an end. In a special agreement, the United States has agreed to remove all Missile Sites from Ireland, and in exchange Britain will take down its own missile sites in the Bahamas. The deal was apparently conducted without Ireland's consent, which has caused a major rift in Irish-American relations.
A Missile Removal for a Missile Removal
America refuses
America has refused our request, and says that Ireland can keep the missiles.
Now What...?
1 Minute to Midnight
The Americans and Irish have refused to budge. Despite our compromises, threats, and demands they still say the missiles have a right to be in Ireland. It is the time now to do the impossible and...
Back Down
Declare War
0 Hour: The English Invade Ireland
With the English finding out that we have missiles in Ireland, there was major fear of war. And now the worst has come. England has invaded Ireland. But now the question comes: shall we start a World War?
They brought this on themselves. DEATH TO THE IMPERIALISTS
We can't start a world war... we just can't.
The English Invasion of Ireland
In what could possibly the worlds final conflict, the United Kingdom has invaded the Republic of Ireland. The invasion comes after revelations that America had supplied the Irish with missiles. While the English tear their way through Ireland, the real focus will be on the United States response to the conflict. If they join, the Worlds two superpowers will be at war with each other.
We stand on a knives edge
World War III
The last days of the world may be upon us. As the English swept through Ireland, the American announced that they would not stand idly by as the English burned their way through Eire. America has announced a coalition of CPTO members will be intervening in Ireland, putting it into direct conflict with the English. Missiles can already be heard flying and exploding.
Tomorrow looks black
A Minute to Midnight
Just when it seemed the world might be dipped into nuclear war, it seems that the clock to midnight might be ticking backwards. Despite its constant earlier threats, America has refused to intervene in Ireland, saying it doesn't want to risk a nuclear war. While this does mean the world will see another day, it will be one that is heavily scarred by this embarrassment for the Americans.
They ruined their reputation more than a war ever could!
America and Ireland Refuse
America has come to Ireland's aid, and both have made clear they will refuse to budge. IF we inform the press, however, public pressure may increase.
Let it be known
The Police control the riots
With our recent promises of a change in course, some of the protesters left. Those who stayed and remained violent were able to be dispersed and arrested by the police.
The Protesters Disperse
After the police controlled the most violent groups, much of the protests turned peaceful. While we still have much to deal with in our time, we have put off a possible revolution for now.
Better than nothing
Assassination in Northern Ireland!
In a recent incident, a local leader was assassinated in Northern Ireland. While they were ultimately unimportant, it still represents our loosening grip on Northern Ireland.
They Will Pay!
Tsardom Agents in Magnitogorsk
Reports show that [?russian_tsar_agents] agents from the Tsardom of Russia are in Magnitogorsk