Meeting Of The Kingdoms
After the continent of Africa was united under one name and flag, the country created a system similar to the Supreme Court. Being made up of the 4 major kingdoms of Africa, Chad, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Egypt, the kingdoms decide the laws of the land, and the course of action against the rest of the world. Another meeting in in session. This meeting is to decide Africa's approach to the growing threat in Europe, and the looming giant in the Americas.
The European Powerhouse cannot be trusted!
The Americans are the real threat!
Neither are much of a threat
Territorial Disputes
The territories of Africa have been fought over constantly for years and years. Claims coming from Spain, the British, The Americans, and the French are constantly coming in, reminding the court of who is the rightful owner of these lands. Although the pact of 1914 restricts Africa from being offensive, we can defend our land to any degree.
They need to know their place
We'll see where this goes
Pact Of 1914
The Pact of 1914 was what brought Africa together. Years of planning and desperation helped this pact come into play. Many said it was impossible but it was done. Although the new nation is disjointed, out of date, and unorganized, Africa is one. The pact requires Africa to act as a neutral nation, declaring to never fall into an offensive war, and to only use it's military in a act of defense. The pact has left Africa vulnerable and weak. Perhaps it should be revised or removed all together?
Remove the dreadful thing!
Maybe lets use revise it
Keeping it would be better for the world
African Ambitions
The newly formed nation of Africa has ignored the treaty of 1914 and seeks to expand their military and launch hostilities upon the European powers. It is still unknown as to which side Africa will choose in the European theatre.
Now They Know
Damn Them!
Emergency Election - Begin
The Emergency Election is beginning! What will happened? Who knows!
Let It Begin!
Emergency Election - First Poll
The first predicts for the polls are in! They are showing...
A Democratic Lead!
The Nationalists Are Pulling Through
The Communists Are Getting A Lot Of Support!
Emergency Election - Second Poll
The second poll predictions are in! They're showing...
The Democrats Are Doing Better
The Nationalists Are Rallying!
Communists By The Dozen!
Emergency Election - Finish
The Election is over! The results are in. They show...
A Democratic Victory!
A Nationalist Victory!
A Communist Victory!