Germany Introduces Martial Law
The increased tension in the Reich has led it's leaders to announce martial law. The Wehrmacht has taken over key areas of the country to establish peace. Many rebel units have already clashed violently with the army, resulting in some casualties. With battles starting all over the country, most notably in Bavaria, the situation in the Reich seems to become more and more chaotic every day.
Is this the end of the Greater German Reich?
Germany Embroiled in Civil War
With the current government failing to adress the recent crisis in Germany, the SS forces under Heinrich Himmler decided to step in and enforce peace in the realm. Fearing this would result in a complete radicalization of the Reich, Wehrmacht forces have fortified Germania and are willing to put up a fight. Meanwhile, parts of Bavaria have been occupied by Socialist revolutionaries, and Danzig was siezed by local German students who demand a return to democracy.
It seems the Thousand Year Reich is no more
Western Ukraine in Open Revolt
As shots ringed out in the dead of night, the car carrying Reichskommissar Erich Koch and other important politicians of RK Ukraine fell into a ditch, leading to all passengers being captured by the Ukrainian Partisant Army. With the main figurehead of the Nazi occupation at their mercy, the UPA has started an open revolt against the collapsing German Reich.
A bright sparkle shines amidst the shadows
Jewish Uprising in Belarus
Today, the streets of Brest-Litovsk became the battlefield of a sudden Jewish Uprising. After the Ghettos in Litzmannstadt and Warschau were pacified, the remaining Polish Jews were deported to Brest-Litovsk, which was supposed to act as a penal colony. This idea, however, seems to have backfired horibly for the newly fallen German Reich, as armed Jews siezed important buildings of military and political significance in the city. With German forces leaving the area, it seems Brest-Litovsk is now a stronghold for the missplaced Jewish peoples.
The Star of David Replaces the Hakenkreuz