Election of 1936
Hoover has been president since the previous election in 1932 when he ousted President Blackford, a member of the Socialist Party. Returning the country back to Democratic rule, Hoover has pursued a laissez-faire policy of nonintervention into the economy while the Great Depression grinds on. Many Americans blame him for the current ill's afflicting the country. Now the question is, will the Socialist Party reclaim the presidency with Al Smith or will Hoover somehow ride out his unpopularity and eke out an electoral victory?
The Socialists Sweep into Power
Stability with Hoover
Radicalism in the United States
Following Herbert Hoover's unexpected victory in the election of 1936, radical elements in the Socialist Party have split off, citing their willingness to democratically and peacefully work towards proletariat revolution as ineffective appeasement towards the bourgeoisie and a betrayal of Marxist ideals. As there seems to be no end in sight for the Great Depression, this new Communist Party of the USA promises to upend the old order and end the peace that has graced the North American continent ever since the end of the Great War.
We have not yet begun to fight!
Peace with the United States
Confederate troops now stand on the shores of the Great Lakes, the push through the middle of the United States has split their nation in two. Now, the United States has no hope of resisting the might of the Confederate army, the industrial centers in the east cannot receive the raw materials from the west. There has been talk about offering the Yankees a negotiated peace where our lands will be returned, reparations will be paid, and their border will be demilitarized. Shall we offer this peace or shall we crush the Northern menace once and for all?
We are a reasonable people
We will demand unconditional surrender
The Confederate Peace Deal
The last US defenses on the Great Lakes have fallen to the Confederate advance. Our great nation is now split in two, divided into the industrial east and resource-rich west. Although some supplies can be routed through occupied Canada, the unrest and weak rail networks make this a daunting prospect. The Confederates have sent us a peace deal offering a negotiated defeat to this war. Even though we are split in two, our industry is strong and our people are eager. But is our government willing...?
We have not yet begun to fight!
The war is lost
The USA Rejects Confederate Peace Offer
The Confederates, having scored a decisive victory against the United States with their successful armored advance to the Great Lakes, have offered a peace deal ending the war where they would regain the territories lost in the Great War, be paid war reparations equal to the amount they paid after the Great War, and force the US to demilitarize their border with the CSA. The USA has rejected their demands out of hand, saying "We have lost a battle, we have not lost the war." American industry and ingenuity will be put to the test as the war continues, suffering from the loss of a reliable transcontinental supply line. The rejection of Confederate demands only cements future demands for unconditional surrender. Both nations are sure to mobilize to their full extent as they struggle to achieve final victory in this bloody conflict.