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Due to the differences in the tools, you will need to reload the page after you have finished adding all of your focuses to make them appear.

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Depression Recovery Program

The Great Depression has hit our country like a truck and we still have yet to recover in any way. At this pace, our country will run itself into the ground so we must initiate a new and improved plan to recover from this terrible economic crisis.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"5","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"3","focus_y":"0","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"swap_ideas= {\r\n remove_idea = HOL_great_depression\r\nadd_idea = HOL_depression_recovery\r\n}","focus_prerequisite":null,"focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Agricultural Advancements

Our agricultural sector is one of our most potent sectors and most definitely not one to be underestimated. If we focus on improving our agriculture, we might be able to reap the benefits in the end.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"5","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"1","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_ideas= HOL_agricultural_advancements","focus_prerequisite":"267190","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}