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Due to the differences in the tools, you will need to reload the page after you have finished adding all of your focuses to make them appear.

You may need to reupload custom images if they do not appear after import


Import From Existing Tree

You may need to refresh the page after importing your focuses

Select the files which you wish to import below, then press the button below to select which focuses you wish to import.

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Global Move

Any focuses which are below 0 on the axis you are moving along, will be set to 0

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Multi Move

Any focuses which are below 0 on the axis you are moving along, will be set to 0

The focuses listed below will be moved

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Add Focus

Custom focus GFX needs to be in a PNG format with a recommended Width: 95px Height: 85px



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Focus Chooser

Kamrat Flyg

Nils Flyg has taken control of the Nordic Unity Party, and under his policy of National Collectivism, the North will free itself from the shackles of international capitalism and its golden lies.

Fylkja Hildur's Proclamation

The old ways, the old gods and the old Folk never died. All of them have now reawoken. Unfurl the raven banner, cry havoc and let Odin and Freyja prepare their halls! Fylkja Hildur leads, and we will charge!

Hedman's Ascension

With the immortal Ragnhild having given her life for her Folk, her steadfast hirdman Ivar Hedman has succeeded her. He is a man worthy of Ragnhild's, Ragnar's and Vidfamne's legacy. Under him, the North will rise.

Ragnhild Har Makten

Ragnhild Eiriksdatter, Realm Jarl of the Nordic Unity Party, has captured Stockholm and seized the gears of the Nordic machine. The North is about to see its rebirth...


The time has come to break the chains of corruption that bind our land! For far too long have foreign lords kept us enslaved, our native land sold to worthless oligarchs who pocket the wealth we have built! No wicked priest can any longer preach falsehood to our ears, no false king or queen can any longer keep the Nordic peoples subjugated - take up your guns and aim for their heads! För Brödrafolkens Väl!


Harald Himler, the most feared man in the Party, has taken control of political affairs following Ragnhild's sacrifice. Scandinavia's enemies are quaking in fear, be they out in the sun or hiding in the shadows... Realm Lord Himler will find them.