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Recovering from Central Plains War

All of China is still suffering from this war if we do not recover the Japanese will easily destroy all of China.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"4","focus_y":"0","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_stability= 15.00","focus_prerequisite":null,"focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

The Future of Guangxi

What is Guangxi's future?
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"8","focus_x":"8","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_political_power= 150","focus_prerequisite":"825526","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Align with the Communists

We cannot side with the corrupt government of China and Chiang Kai-Shek. We will side with the Revolutionaries of the PRC.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"7","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_popularity= { \r\nideology = communism \r\npopularity = 30.0 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"825527","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Align with the Kuomintang

We will align with Chiang Kai-Shek and the National government in opposition of the communist and Japan.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"5","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_popularity= { \r\nideology = democratic \r\npopularity = 20.0 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"825527","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Aling with the Empire

We have no faith in China and see our future with the Japanese.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"9","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_popularity= { \r\nideology = fascism \r\npopularity = 30.0 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"825527","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}