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Last Days of the Hoover Administration

Herbert Hoover's government has been rendered lame ever since the 1934 elections. While minor affairs continue, Hoover's government is unable to make any progress on alleviating the stagnant economy.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"100","focus_time_to_complete":"15","focus_x":"10","focus_y":"0","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"country_event = {\r\ndays = 1 \r\nid = KFR_USA.1 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":null,"focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

The Presidential Election of 1936

In the eyes of Huey Long and his followers the election is a mere formality. With Long's nearly fanatical popularity, both Democrats and Republicans have low hopes of winning the election.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"1","focus_x":"10","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"country_event = {\r\ndays = 1 \r\nid = KFR_USA.2 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"30589","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

The Election Reform Amendment

With Long's victory coming in at the lowest margin of victory ever in American history, and the victory of many AFP Representatives coming from plurality, not majority, a proposal to reform the election system via a new Amendment has come up. If the ERA is forced through Congress rapidly, it will go to the states before Long and the AFP can stop it.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"4","focus_x":"8","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_ideas = USA_KFR_ERA","focus_prerequisite":"30605","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}