Greetings everyone!

Last week, I've started working on a mod that has elements from Millenium Dawn called: The Third Dawn, and I'm writing this to see if someone wants to join the team for this mod. Mainly programmers and coders and such but anyone can be open to any field if you want. I work as the main writer for the mod, having written the lore and backstory of the mod's world, as well as having done work in the paths and events countries can go through.

The mod is one that may be a unique one compared to others, in that this one focuses on a future world of ours that we can make. It has some alternate history elements, but mainly on the military and economic side of things so certain actions and events can make more sense in this world.

The year is 2022, and the world is ever-changing. Most countries are further getting divided between leftist and right-wing government, Brexit is still threatening the stability of the UK, the USA is experiencing a rise of domestic far-right terrorism, governments like India, Brazil and Japan possibly changing forever ever since scandals being leaked to the public, civil wars in Greece and Venezuela breaking out, Saudi Arabia changing ever since their disastrous invasion of Iran, and nations like China and Russia moving their next pieces for the domination of power for themselves. In this brave, new world, what could come out at top? Will the new war fare like the previous ones? Or will it result in total extinction this time?

These are the following countries that I've managed to write some of the lores, events and paths they have so far, some with the help of people who provided suggestions for it: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Greece, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Japan and Belarus

That's what I have at the moment. To participate and to find more information about the mod, you can enter on the Discord link down below, don't worry, it won't expire.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope we can work together for this. :)